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280K$ of medical equipment donated to the Senegalese hospitals in July 2021 


Shop by donating.

When you shop in our store, you transform lives and inspire the world.

Online store launching in September 2021

Created in Paris in June 2021, Never Forget Where You Come From is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build a global platform of online shopping through social giving, aiming to generate $1 million annually for social and cultural projects to drive positive impact around the world.


Contributions are made mainly through the Never Forget Where You Come From clothing brand (launching in September 2021), which transforms the act of payment into a tax-free donation. The motto: shopping through giving. Its scope of action? The whole world.


The foundation of the brand is to bring together worldwide communities around the Never Forget Where You Come From slogan, which invites people to wear with pride the colors of their country, area, or school, through personalized brand collections representing roots, history, family or many other spaces. 

We firmly believe that this synergy will be the engine to achieve the collective objectives of the social and cultural fund. Oxfam reports that ‘wealth of the richest 1% equal to the other 99%’ and that right there, is the reason why we must act with a sense of urgency to close the equality gap with everything we have.

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