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Shopping in our store enables creators to create inspiring stories
through films and photo expos

Online store launching in September 2021

Untold stories from all around the world stay unrevealed because of lack of funding for arts in general. With this culture fund, we hope to give a life to buried or pathless films and photographs that can inspire and impact the world in ways that only the arts may be able to do. Together, we will give a voice to voiceless artists, and work with professionals to train them and help them publish their creations in the proper channels that they might or might not have access to.


Creation should be a way of life and not a social privilege. Creators from some parts of the world do not have access to the bare financial necessities to push forward their lifetime masterpieces or simple artworks. 


Powered by global cinema experts, our film fund will create opportunities for filmmakers and young undeserved talents from all over the world through training, writing with professionals, and producing the next cinema creations. And just like just like the film industry, we partner with professional photographers to provide training to young talents and funding for expos.

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