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Every time you shop, you can choose to further social equality through our worldwide fund

Online store launching in September 2021

No matter how we define our roots and our journeys, we represent all of our positive life stops, whether it is where we come from and where we have been. Our former or current school, neighborhood, village, project, are all part of us somehow. Never Forget Where You Come From is an invitation to come together as one to drive change and equality in our communities and beyond. 


Change and equality don’t happen overnight and we know that we won’t achieve our goals without listening, collaborating and co-creating with world-class social projects and entrepreneurs around the world, no matter how small in size, as long as they have deep structural impact on their communities. 


The transmission of what we have received to the young generation is the cornerstone of our movement and the condition of its sustainability. Our conviction is that as long as the human being is valued at the center of this system, generations will follow one another with the same pressing desire of improving lives around the world.


We hold a unique power in each of us to start a positive chain of actions in our own way. We seek to inspire and be inspired by the Never Forget Where You Come From actions to better our mission, and expand our reach.    

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