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Online store to launch in 2021

The $1M social brand

Buying through donating system on our online brand store, launching in September 2021

Online store launching in September 2021

The fresh out of the box concept will launch in September its online store app, designed to substitute payments for donation towards the association’s social and cultural fund.   

100% of these funds' profits will be utilized to support sustainable social and humanitarian projects, either through existing structures such as the grow academy (a tech training programme for young women with no formal education in Africa) or new projects in the sectors of health, education, culture, environment, entrepreneurship and access to basic needs. 

The perimeter of intervention of the association will open its border from France to Senegal and Africa, to the USA and South America.

After picking our awesome item from our awesome online store or at one of our distributors (launching in September 2021), you select the fund (cultural or social - or both) that you want the price of your new item to go to, as a donation. After making the donation, you will get a donation receipt that you can use to reduce your taxes (solely in France so far - coming soon for the US).

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