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An experience team of global experts of social and fashion brands

Online store launching in September 2021

At the core of our work, people with great spirit and mind lead the transformation of our vision in tangible actions.  The organization gathers an international team with experience in the social enterprise and textile fields.


The team covers the entire chain of strategy, design, distribution, textile and social brand communication, and is composed of professionals. Team members have collaborated with Google (USA), adidas (USA), Justfab (Europe and USA), Galeries Lafayettes (France), Le Bon Marché (France), Salon de la Radio (France), etc.


  • Communication: Pierre Maurel, public relations agency, +15 years of experience - France)

  • Fashion: Mélanie Clémençon, stylist and textile brand creation expert, +20 years of experience - France) and Pablo Szefner (Expert in online fashion distribution, tourism, and business angel +20 years of experience - Europe, South America, USA); 

  • Cinéma: Paméla Diop, movie producer

  • Social and technological : Babacar Sy, social and edtech serial entrepreneur, +25 years of experience - France, Africa, USA). 

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